About School Business Officials

Leaders in Education

School business officials are the professionals, traditionally behind the scenes, whose job it is to make sure that whatever resources are available for educating our students are used efficiently and effectively. Using best practices in school business management, they allocate the funds that optimize learning for every student.

From transportation to technology to facilities management, school business officials are involved in every aspect of education administration. They are responsible for helping to ensure that students have a way to get to school, feel safe in their classrooms, and have the supplies they need to learn and grow.

Today, as school budgets are squeezed tighter than ever before, the role of the school business official has never been more challenging—or more important. Reduced budgets reveal the critical link between effective fiscal management and the availability of resources. This requires a skilled school business official who can maximize resources for learning while simultaneously reducing overall spending in schools.

By helping our members do their jobs effectively and productively, ASBO International enables school business officials to become leaders in education—delivering superior education for students and better fiscal health for our schools and our communities.