Security Benefit

ASBO International Strategic Partner

Security Benefit is a 121-year-old, Kansas-based insurance company that has recently become one of the fastest growing retirement savings and income companies in the industry. Through a combination of innovative products, exceptional investment management, and a unique distribution strategy, Security Benefit has become a leader in a full range of retirement markets and wealth segments.
Committed to supporting school business officials and their professional development, Security Benefit is proud to sponsor the first general session speaker at ASBO International’s Annual Meeting & Expo.

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Face to Face with Jim Arnold, Security Benefit

“With age comes wisdom…” said Oscar Wilde. If you subscribe to this belief, rest assured that Security Benefit is a very wise company!
Now 123 years old, Security Benefit began in Topeka, Kansas, as a fraternal organization called The Knights and Ladies of Security. From its inception, it was a forward-thinking group—among the first to accept women as equals—and each of the 11 original members contributed $1 to protect each other’s family with life insurance.
Since then, Security Benefit has continued to grow and evolve, becoming one of the fastest-growing retirement savings and income companies in the industry. Jim Arnold, who works in relationship management in the western United States, explains that in 2000, Security Benefit won a bid to provide National Education Association (NEA) employees with retirement plans. This was one of the driving forces that made the company’s name known within the field of education.
Jim says that helping clients with 403(b) and 457 plans is a big part of what Security Benefit does, and the company’s independent financial advisors are well-versed in both plans. They also have close relationships with broker dealers focused solely on education, which benefits educators and the school business officials who handle the district purse strings.
Since 2010, Security Benefit has been privately owned by a Guggenheim Partners investor group, which infused significant capital into the company. “That sets us apart,” Jim says. “Security Benefit is able to get very competitive returns on investment on fixed products, which is important with today’s low interest rates.”
Despite the fact that Security Benefit has been around for more than a century, it built relationships with educators slowly, starting in a few states and expanding to others over the years. In 2012, Security Benefit began to expand its school business reach at the national level, including building a relationship with ASBO International. Jim says the company was excited when an event partnership opportunity became available, and it now proudly sponsors the general session speaker at ASBO International’s Annual Meeting & Expo.

Since Security Benefit became a Strategic Partner, Jim is amazed at how much more connected he has become to school business professionals from across the country. He’s often the face you see not only at national meetings, but at state affiliate conferences too. The more he talks to those in the field, the more certain he is that Security Benefit can serve them well!