The Horace Mann Companies

ASBO International Strategic Partner

The Horace Mann Companies provide school districts and their employees with solutions designed to maximize savings, enhance benefits, and support the mission of public education. We help solve some of the most pressing problems in your school.

  • Horace Mann is a national sponsor for, a not-for-profit organization that connects donors to public school teachers with classroom projects in need of funding.
  • Horace Mann administers Section 125 programs—complete with flexible spending account debit cards.
  • Horace Mann provides school payroll programs, allowing employees to make payments to their auto and life insurance policies as well as annuities directly from their paycheck—at no cost to you or your employees.
  • Horace Mann offers State Teachers' Retirement System workshops to help educators understand their retirement system and plan accordingly. These workshops come with real-life examples—and without a sales pitch.

As an ASBO International strategic partner, Horace Mann is proud to sponsor the Certified Administrator of School Finance and Operations® (SFO®) certification. We welcome you to learn more about us.

Face to Face with Rick Schulenburg, The Horace Mann Companies

“Birds of a feather flock together.” This saying is often true, and perhaps it was on the minds of the founding fathers of Horace Mann, an insurance and financial services company whose tag line is “Founded by Educators for Educators.”
Now in its 70th year, Horace Mann was launched by two teachers shortly after the end of World War II. Initially offering reduced auto insurance rates for K–12 educators in Illinois, it expanded both in focus and in reach. Today, the company has a presence in nearly every state.
Rick Schulenburg serves as vice president of national business development at Horace Mann and is a prime example of Horace Mann’s tag line. Rick’s first career was as a special education teacher in New Hampshire, and he recalls meeting a local Horace Mann agent at his school. “That agent helped our family by insuring our home and automobile, and he also helped us begin a retirement plan,” Rick recalls.
He describes his transition from public school teacher to Horace Mann employee as a natural one. Rick didn’t want to leave the world of education yet wanted to do something that added value. “I found the opportunity to educate educators on understanding their benefits and retirement and insurance needs,” he says. “I continue to use skills from the classroom, but now it’s with former colleagues.” Rick began in direct sales with the company nearly 34 years ago and eventually moved into management.
“I am a part of this company because I believe in its mission, which is to protect educators’ short-term risk by helping provide for their long-term future,” Rick says. “Many companies include educators among those to whom they cater, but this is what we do. We strive to learn all there is to know about local school districts and their needs. I think that sets Horace Mann apart.”
The company has a terrific track record in staying ahead of the curve. In 1961, Horace Mann was one of the very first companies to offer public school teachers a 403(b) annuity to supplement their retirement plans. It’s always on the lookout for value-added services to offer, from financial literacy workshops for educators to partnering with organizations that support education.
Horace Mann is the proud sponsor of the Certified Administrator of School Finance and Operations® (SFO®) program. “This is such an important part of ASBO’s dedication to educators,” Rick says, adding that it perfectly aligns with Horace Mann’s mission too. “We believe educators are taking care of our future, so we are devoted to taking care of theirs.”