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"I could not have survived 30 years in school business without the support I've received from ASBO. No matter how much you may think your problem is unique, it's not. I've always found support from colleagues facing the same issues no matter where they work, and I've shared solutions. We have a lot to learn from one another, so I value my memberships in Tri-State ASBO, New Hampshire ASBO, Vermont ASBO, and ASBO International."
—John Aubin, South Burlington School District, South Burlington, Vermont
Member since 1992

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Legislative Resources

Advocating for Quality Education

As a school business leader, you advocate for your students. You ensure that they have access to education and resources to maximize their academic potential.

As your advocate, and an advocate of the school business profession, ASBO International is here to help you navigate education law compliance and pressing legislative issues.

Our legislative priorities include:

  • K–12 Education Funding. Adequate federal funding with minimal administrative burden is critical for schools to provide quality education services.
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA). Federal ACA support and flexibility are required for school systems to implement healthcare regulations.
  • School Nutrition. Schools need sustainable business models to provide students with affordable, nutritious, and delicious meals.
  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Funding. IDEA should be fully funded at 40% of the national average per-pupil expenditure to support students with disabilities. 
  • K–12 Regulatory Environment. Schools require fewer, simplified, and streamlined regulations to address overwhelming legal compliance costs and administrative burdens.
  • Equal Opportunity for Education. Students have the right to an equal opportunity to receive a quality education and learn in a nondiscriminatory, trauma-free environment with safe indoor air quality, water, facilities, and physical security.

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Download ASBO International’s 2016 Legislative Agenda 

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